Saturday, June 22, 2013

Balloon Oxidization

Today we are going to talk about the topic of balloon Oxidization.

Now a lot of my clients ask me how long can balloon lasts?
In fact in estimation, here are the answers:

Round balloons 
- 7 to 10 days indoor (without aircon, without direct sunlight or heat)
- 10 to 15 days indoor (air-conditioned indoor)

Long balloons 
- 1 to 3 days indoor (without aircon, without direct sunlight or heat)
- 3 to 5 days indoor (air-conditioned indoor)

And under hot sun, it will take no more than 5 minutes for balloons to oxidize... ...

It all still depends on the quality of balloons that balloon artists uses. And of course the warmth of the sunlight. Study carefully, the above pic, the balloon sculpture had in fact turned "misty" and had oxidized.

When oxidization happens, balloon tends to break easily.
The colour will slowly turn chalky and the balloon loses it's shine.


JocelynBalloons protects our artwork by:

1) Professional balloon shine spray
-usage of these sprays on our balloon decorations maintains our balloon's shine. The layer of coat will allow the balloon to last and not "pop" even under hot sun!

2) Gift wrapping bags
-we love to present the best to our clients. And recently, if we are engaged outdoor, we will provide our clients with these balloon gift wrapping bags. The sculptures are carefully and elegantly placed and wrapped airtight into the clear plastics. At instance, it protects the balloons from oxidization!!!

Suitable and fits perfectly for balloon bouquets:
Done by our students

Expo event:

A random pic of me and my princess!!!

This was at yesterday's party done by Jazz:

Another cute little photo to share, Ultraman and little boy! :)

Expo event again :)

Mummy who bought balloons from us at our booth at northpoint:

Hope you guys have a better understanding of balloon oxidization.

Cya all at the next event!